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Verdi's of Westbury
Owned and operated by the Sacco family with over fifty years of experience, Verdi's has established a reputation for being one of Long Island's finest catering facilities. It's the perfect setting for any special occasion like weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, bar/bat mitzvahs and corporate events. Offering restaurant quality food and outstanding service, Verdi's is sure to please any taste. The supervision by a committed restaurateur family and the dedication of the professional staff will ensure the grand success of your affair.

Verdi's of Westbury offers well-appointed banquet rooms, a separate cocktail room and magnificent waterfalls. Your wedding package includes:
  • The services of a Maitre D'
  • Uniformed waitstaff
  • Coatroom attendant and hostess
  • Valet Parking Attendants
  • Private bridal suite
  • Event coordinator
The banquet managers will provide you with a list of selected vendors for services like limousine, florists, DJs and bands, entertainment, photography and more; they have worked with these providers for years and guarantee their professionalism.

With a Sacco brother as the executive chef you can be sure that no item will leave the kitchen unless it's perfectly prepared. The staff will work with you to customize a menu according to your personal preferences. The open bar serves unlimited top shelf liquor, Italian Wines, imported beers and soft drinks throughout the entire affair. Hot Hors d'Oeuvres are offered on sterling silver trays white gloved butler style. For your cocktail hour you have a choice of carving and pasta stations, sushi bar, seafood displays and hot buffet among others. Your dinner reception includes appetizers, salads, entrees and your custom created wedding cake. To complete your affair, a magnificent Viennese Hour is presented in a grand entrance by the staff, offering gourmet Italian Cookies, pastries, dessert cakes and fresh fruit platters.

You can expect the same high quality service and superb cuisine in the other Verdi's location in Queens, NY. They'll not only meet your expectations, they'll exceed them. Also consider Verdi's of Whitestone.
Venue Amenities & Details
Seating Capacity
50 to 400
# Of Reception Rooms Available
Business Events
Outdoor Area
Bridal Room
On Site Ceremony
Valet Parking
Off Premise Catering Available
Outdoor Area Garden
Outdoor Area Terrace
Outdoor Area Patio
Overnight Guest Accomodations
Dance Floor
Wheelchair Accessable
AV Equipment Available
Must Use In House Liquor
Must Use In House Caterer
Premium Liquor
In-house party planner
Separate Room for Cocktail Party

For more details about amenities, please message the Venue.

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Verdi's of Westbury Reviews

  August, 2015
There are lots of marvelous choices right here in and around Westbury for catering. We barely had to drive to check out half a dozen. The one that stood out among all the rest was Verdi’s. It’s just the crème of the crop for style. Being here, you feel like royalty in a place. It’s also enormous. I doubt there is any wedding they are not equipped to handle. The bigger the better! And ours was huge! They had everything here. A beautiful ballroom, a wonderful, fully-stocked bridal suite with everything I could have dreamed, and a fabulous cocktail room. And the food! I don’t know where they found their chef, but he is a genius. The food was outstanding! Some of our guests needed vegetarian entrees, and there was no problem with that. In fact, they actually seemed like they welcomed a challenge in the kitchen. Everything came out great, and the reception dinner was incredible. What a terrific time. And right here in Westbury! Verdi’s is fabulous. If you live here in Westbury, look no further than your own backyard for the best wedding hall ever. And if you don’t, it’s worth driving, or flying, or coming any distance! You are just not going to find a better venue anywhere!!!!

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  July, 2015
Originally I confess that we weren’t thinking much about our wedding plans. I even suggested a few times that we consider eloping. Neither of us had a lot of money going into our wedding. My husband’s only been working a couple of years, and I recently graduated with a ton of student loan debt, so a big, expensive wedding was about the last thing we had on our minds. We both have big families though, and families that love big celebrations. Still, neither of us expected them to offer to foot so much of the bill. They had to talk us into it, but they were insistent! We really are so lucky to have such wonderful family who were willing to help us have such an incredible day. And incredible it was. I’m not sure now how I managed to talk myself into thinking that a big wedding wasn’t something I really wanted. I guess that is what you do when you think you can’t have something, sour grapes and all. Now I couldn’t imagine not having had this incredible celebration. It was one of the most beautiful, incredible days of our lives, and it made us feel so special. So we chose the spot together, along with my mom who was really involved. She was the one who set most of the budget, but there were a whole bunch of places that would have fit the bill. Her main stipulation was just that we not travel, since most everyone we would invite lives here, and it would be much easier for us all if we could do it on Long Island. That was easy though. So many beautiful places we were able to look at, and I couldn’t believe how amazing this one was! I was beyond thrilled when I asked for her go-ahead on it and we set the date here. The location is in Westbury. It’s very easy to reach and very convenient for everyone, and they offer transportation. So getting everyone here was easy. They also have a lot of different banquet halls where you can have your party. There were a couple which were big enough for our party, so we had a choice to make. The ballroom we chose is really opulent and majestic. It has this really lovely patterned floor. I felt like we were inside some kind of fairytale palace or something. It really is that beautiful. Seriously, you will love it. Cocktail hour! Some of the tastiest lamb chops you can imagine, and some really delicious shrimp. There was a pasta station and a carving station, and an unlimited bar. They had an incredible selection of wines, and it was all included as part of the bill, so that was a really phenomenal deal. Oh, and can’t forget the amazing seafood display. They had crab and lobster by the plenty. Two of my very favorite things. I have to say it was really hard not to stuff myself silly before we even got to the dinner. Dinner included an amazing selection of entrees. At the tasting, we had so much fun. It was hard to pick what we wanted because it was all just so scrumptious! But what we eventually went with was a big hit with everyone at the party. What were my favorite parts of dinner? The soup with the spinach and egg was really something; I can’t remember what it was called unfortunately. And then there was the Chilean sea bass; of course I went for seafood! Our wedding cake was really something. Five tiers tall, and they let us pick everything down to the last detail inside and out. It was so amazing!!! All of that would already have been amazing enough on its own, but I still haven’t even mentioned the beautiful ceremony or the amazing DJ. Our ceremony was indoors, because that was what we wanted, but they had the most lovely space for it! I thought it’d be really confusing going from one part of the wedding to the next, and was really freaked out about the schedule, but I shouldn’t have worried at all, because it all ran like clockwork. My bridal attendant always told me when it was time to move along from one thing to the next, and she made sure that I was always on time or ahead of schedule so I never was in a hurry, either before the ceremony or after it. The party was really fun! The DJ here really does a fantastic job and plays a great set! We had a few requests and left the rest up to him after telling him what kind of stuff we liked, and he put together an amazing set list. It is a very warm and friendly place, and everyone was really wonderful to us, especially my bridal attendant, who was just a sweetheart. I was really happy with the customer service here. They are really efficient, but never impatient. They had no problem accommodating all our requests and our huge number of guests. The whole day, everyone was taken care of. All it took was a quick glance around for us to see that. Glasses and plates were full, and everyone was smiling or laughing or dancing and having an incredible time. My mom has like six sisters, and all of them are married, so she has gone to a lot of weddings, and she actually helped to put together like half of those. She told me that while some of those weddings were really nice, they didn’t compare to mine, and that I ended up with the very best. According to her, the staff here were superior both in what they do and how they do it, and much friendlier and more patient than she was used to in the past at other places. She told me they are much more personal here. She also said that our party and especially our DJ were way better than most. She wasn’t the only one either! Two of my aunts said the same thing, so that just confirms what she was saying. A few of my cousins also told me they loved the place, and one of them was really jealous because she got married somewhere else and actually thought of choosing this venue before she picked the other one! She said her wedding would have been much better here. One of my other cousins swears she’s going to have her wedding here. So in short, we all had a really great time! I’m so so so happy that we were able to get married here and have a big party after all! Eloping would have been a big mistake. Come here if you can for your wedding! You deserve it!

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  February, 2015
Our top priority with our wedding was minimizing stress. I stress out so easily, and my husband works long hours, so he didn’t have a lot of time to plan with me. So it was basically up to me and my family to organize my wedding. And while I adore my mom and my sisters and they were a big help, in some ways, they complicated things, so that actually had the potential to add to the stress! So my goal was simplicity, right from the get-go. Keep things as basic as possible. If we could, find a venue that would get everything squared away for me without having to run around town talking to different businesses! I found what I was looking for here. My sister tugged me here after we’d already toured like three different venues, and I just kept thinking, “oh no, here we go again, here’s the next venue to mark off the list!” I hadn’t even put them on my own list, so I wasn’t all that excited to see what she was going on about. Turns out I have her to thank for a great wedding! She found a real gem here, and without her help, I’m sure I would have missed it, and that would’ve been a real shame! It’s a big reception hall, but not a huge one. It was big enough for our needs. I think that the best thing about the place is the staff. Everyone greeted us with so much warmth when we came to check out the reception hall, and John and Mike were incredible! I actually started to have fun planning the wedding when I realized how easy it was going to be. I didn’t have a florist picked out? No problem, they had a list. I didn’t know what kind of entertainment I wanted? They had a bunch of DJs and they were able to tell me exactly what I could expect from each of them. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as far as timing the different events? They had some ideas for that too. I had no clue where to start with centerpieces and other decorations? They were able to take care of that as well. There was literally nothing they couldn’t take care of for me. And I was very grateful they were able to hook me up with a photographer! I was dreading that part, because my sister kept showing me her old wedding photos. I’d seen them before, and I knew how bad they were, but every time she pulled out the album again, I just cringed! It would be horrible to be stuck with bad photos of a wonderful day. That didn’t happen with this photographer! In fact, they were happy to show me the portfolio before I even agreed to it, and the quality was awesome. I knew then I’d be just fine. And guess what? My wedding photos are totally amazing! If you’re not too thrilled about wedding planning and you just want to keep things simple and straightforward and minimize your own involvement, this is a great place to go. It allowed me and my husband to juggle our busy schedules with the planning, and get everything done in time for the wedding. In fact, the venue did pretty much everything for us. They were superb, and our wedding was incredible! My sisters and my mom still haven’t stopped talking about it. They all said that my wedding was the most beautiful one in the family, and I agree!

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  November, 2014
This place grabs you right from the moment you see it. It’s a beautiful building with a very cool sign (as a type geek, I just love their logo font; it’s very eye-catching). Even though it looks very modern on the outside, the interior is actually very classic looking, palatial ballroom elegance, the kind you dream about for your wedding when you’re a little girl (at least, I did, and I found it). The whole wedding package was a really good deal. We did quite a bit of shopping around to try and figure out what a fair price was before we bought a package, and these people offered us the most for the price. It’s a really good deal; you can rest assured that you’re getting a reasonable charge here and a lot of amazing service for it. Food is a big deal here. Both the dinner and the cocktail hour were perfect, but it’s the cocktail hour I will always remember the most! We got the seafood station, and they had some of the most amazing seafood either of us have ever tasted! In particular, the lobster tails were awesome. They are huge, tender, buttery, and just taste like heaven on a plate. The station was a big hit with everybody, with a lot of our pals still talking about it weeks after the wedding! I won’t be surprised if we’re back here again soon for another wedding. A couple of our friends just announced their engagement, and the bride-to-be has already intimated to me that this is exactly where they’re thinking of having the party!

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  October, 2014
This is a top notch catering hall! We’re in the process of planning our own wedding, and we were here just the other week for a friend’s, and pretty sure now that this is the one we’re going to go with. One of the hardest things about planning is being able to actually get a feel for what you can expect. If our wedding is even remotely like theirs, we will be thrilled. First of all, you really cannot go wrong with the building itself, which is just gorgeous. The catering hall has a formal, decadent kind of feel to it, like a room in a palace with these gorgeous chandeliers and beautiful flooring. Secondly, the food was fantastic! That’s one thing we were really worried about. We know that a lot of wedding venues don’t exactly specialize in food, so the food you get isn’t always that great. Here it was as good as any five star restaurant. Finally, what really grabbed us is the service. Usually if you’re not a main member of a wedding party, you’re just sort of ignored. But the staff was totally attentive to our needs. We never felt forgotten. I can only imagine how much better it is for the bride and groom! They looked incredibly happy all day—never once did either of them seem flustered or frustrated. Well, no more than can be expected. We’re going to give them a call in a couple of weeks and see if we can set something up. What’s cool is we’ve already basically done a food tasting, so that’s great—we already know some of what we want. Will update again after we tie the knot!

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  August, 2014
Verdi’s is a magnificent venue. Everything from that beautiful chandelier to the amazing presentation of the dishes just shouts elegance. The best part to us though was our experience working with the wedding staff, in particular our banquet manager, John. His pasta is absolutely wonderful, and he makes some of the best sea bass you are ever going to eat. We had a few people in our party with special dietary needs, and he was very amenable to our requests. He was even willing to customize some of the dishes just for them. Everyone we worked with at Verdi’s really went above and beyond what we could have imagined to show us the perfect evening. Weddings like this are the stuff of dreams, and for us they became reality! Don’t go looking at other venues. Just give Verdi’s a call. You’ll be sold the moment you start talking to these wonderful people.

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  May, 2014
We opted for Verdi's after more than one of our friends suggested them above the venue we'd been considering, and we are very glad we went with the recommendations! John's menu was amazing, and we loved every single course. The rest of the staff were all just as wonderful as he was. An evening to remember!

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